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Image of FORPS North Pole Challenge!

FORPS North Pole Challenge!


We are off to the North Pole! Friends of Roydon Primary are setting us the challenge of walking the distance from Roydon to the North Pole - that’s 2,606.9 miles and we need your help!

If you would like to take part please purchase this £2 FORPS North Pole challenge Pdf for each participant. An email will be with you shortly. Inside you will find your registration and sponsor form, with a printable pdf of your entrance number you can decorate and wear your number when you walk. All money raised will go to the Friends of Roydon Primary School.

Image of Phenology Wheel
Phenology Wheel
Image of Beautiful Bees
Beautiful Bees
Image of Full Moon Names
Full Moon Names
Image of Robin’s Winter Fun!
Robin’s Winter Fun!
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